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By now you probably know that when it comes to cooking, I love easy! This recipe was one of my husband’s favorite back when he was a freshman in college. He had a friend whose mom would send these to him in a care package. I finally asked her for the recipe about 15 years ago. Butterscotch Cereal Cookies (Special K cookies) have been a favorite in our house ever since.

Butterscotch Cereal Cookies



1/2 cup Peanut Butter (creamy or crunchy)
6 oz pkg Butterscotch Chips
3 cups Corn Flakes or Special K cereal


  • Melt and mix peanut butter and butterscotch
  • Add to dry cereal
  • Spoon out onto wax paper or in flat bowl
  • Refrigerate for about 15 minutes or longer till the mix has hardened
  • Break into pieces
  • Eat or save till later
Butterscotch Cereal Cookies


You don’t get much easier than this.   I usually double the peanut butter and use a full pack of butterscotch chips so my whole family can enjoy it longer.

Butterscotch Cereal Cookies

There are many variations to this recipe. Here is a cook who uses corn syrup and chocolate chips to make Special K No Bake Cookies.

Do you make Butterscotch Cereal Cookies? Have you ever made these?

Do you have a Kitchen Cabinet Recipe you want to share? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Ann Williams says

    I have never made these, but they sound delicious! I definitely want to try them. Thanks for posting this great recipe!

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