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We live in an electronic age where even kids as young as 18 months know how to operate an ipad, iphone or remote control. I have a niece who just turned one who is already able to turn on her grandpa’s phone and knows how to get the games to start. That’s why I was excited to check out these Cypher Interactive Cards from Apple. Even though my son is already in kindergarten and knows his letters and numbers well, he was excited to check out something new on our phone and ipad. These Cypher Cards are just the thing!

Cypher Cards for Kids

I went to the Apple store online and found these 2 3D Interactive Card sets from Cypher Kids Club – one for Letters and the other for numbers. I decided to try them both!

Cypher Number Cards

The Cypher Number Cards use the camera on your phone or ipad to bring the numbers alive. You simply choose the number you want to watch and then point the camera of your device toward the back of the card. You can then listen to the little robot tell you about the number and help you count the objects.

You can download the free app for Letters and Numbers here.

Cypher Cards for Kids

Each of the number cards has a different song that it plays – many of the melodies are familiar classics. The number cards were by far my favorite! I loved the fact that each card had a different background and image.

  • For kids ages 3 and up
  • Practice counting different objects
  • Learn number words and numerals 1-20
  • Recognize numerical order
  • A vivid, interactive 3D world appears on your screen
  • Use the camera on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to make learning come to life
Cypher Cards for Kids

Cypher Letter Cards

The Cypher Letter Cards are a great way for kids to learn their uppercase and lowercase letters. The cards are made from very sturdy cardstock. These cards are going to hold up to some major play by small hands. The robot gives instructions so the kids are working together with the device to make the next thing happen.

Just scan the special 3D marker on the interactive card with the camera on your iOS device and watch as a vivid, interactive 3D world appears on your screen. Kids can explore the scene from every side in a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

Cypher Cards for Kids

These cypher cards blend the old school flashcards with the technology of today to bring a great learning experience that is also high on the fun factor. I am excited to pass these on to my niece so she can learn her numbers and letters while enjoying time with her grandparents.

You can use the cypher cards with any of the idevices that have a camera, but my son loved using them with the iphone the most. The ipad is bulkier and he found it harder to hold it in place while the songs played.

Have you tried these Cypher Cards? What do you think?

You can connect with Cypher Cards on Twitter and Facebook.

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    My kids are five and one, and they both know how to use my phone. I had to have my daughter show my father how to make a call one night while I did dishes and he couldn’t find his phone. She said, “Look, Papa, it’s easy!”

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