How to make Balloon Bracelets

Last week we tried to make animal balloons with the long twisty balloons. We had a great time learning to twist and create puppies, giraffes and some unique designs. The problem we encountered was that half of the balloons either had holes on the edges or they popped while we were trying to twist them. We ended up with a large pile of colorful rubber balloons. Since I hate to just throw them out, I decided to try to create balloon bracelets.

How to make Balloon Bracelets

I picked 3 of the balloons and tied a knot in the end. Then I had my daughter hold the knotted end while I braided the three balloons. Once we got to the end, I just knotted both ends together.

My 8 year old daughter is just now learning to braid so I showed her how to hook the balloon knot on the kitchen drawer. It took her several tries but soon she proudly showed me her braided balloon bracelet. Her braid wasn’t as tight as mine but it looked really nice. She was so excited to wear it to school the next day.

As I was working on this post, I decided to do a quick Pinterest search and found other balloon bracelets. Looks like many people have used balloons to make some great bracelets. Check out this step by step tutorial that shows you how to use balloons to make the bracelets.

What do you do with old balloons? I’d love to hear your best ideas!

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