DIY Ash Ketchum Pokemon Costume

My oldest son decided he wanted to be Ash Ketchum from Pokemon for Halloween. So I looked at the costume and figured it didn’t look too hard. Sure, son! We can do that! Little did I know it would take a few hours more than I had planned. But before the night was over, I had one happy son and I felt satisfied that I had done a pretty good job. So here’s a recap of my DIY Ash Ketchum Pokemon Costume.

DIY Ash Ketchum Pokemon Costume


Here’s what I was aiming for…..

DIY Ash Ketchum Pokemon Costume

Here’s what I did

I bought a yard of blue fabric at Walmart for $2.77. The lady at the cutting table in the fabric department suggested I use double bias tape for the bottom border and the fake pockets.

Double Bias Tape allows you to get an instant edge with minimal sewing. I loved the way the edges turned out by using this ad on. You just slide the material between the pocket and then sew one seam down the middle. Very easy to use. I think it really made the vest “pop”.

I used a pullover sports jersey for my initial pattern then cut one side down the middle so it would open like a vest.

When I realized I needed white sleeves and a collar, I almost panicked! I don’t do collars and sleeves! Ever! I felt a keen need to take a 15 hour trip to visit my Mom so she could knock it out in about 30 minutes, but realized it was up to me to figure it out. I decided to take a shortcut and hope for the best. We have an old white button up dress shirt that the kids have used in their dress up box for several years. It’s been a science and doctor lab coat for several occasions, I figured it was time for it to be used for Pokemon.

I cut off the collar and sleeves and just attached those pieces to the blue vest. It’s not perfect at all, but it is quite functional for a Halloween costume.

DIY Ash Ketchum Costume

The finishing touches

Compared to attaching sleeves and a collar, the finishing touches were a snap.

  • I found some green gloves at Walmart for $1.50 and snipped off the fingertips. Done!
  • He’ll wear blue jeans and a black t-shirt.  Done!
  • I picked up a red baseball hat for $2.00 and attached some white felt to the front.  We used a green marker to draw the design on the white felt.

Making the PokeBall

We found a paper mache ornament at Michaels for my son to turn into the pokeball. All he had to do was paint it half white and half red and he was set.


10 DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids!

Need more ideas? See if this gets you thinking and planning!

SHARON - 10 diy halloween costumes for kids

So what do you think? I know what I think! I’m glad Halloween is tomorrow night and it’s another 12 months before I have to make more costumes! But I have to admit that I am glad to be able to do this with and for my kids! Thanks Mom for giving me the tools so I can do stuff like this for my kids!

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    I love seeing costumes like these! You did a great job and I feel like it’ll add to the memories! I remember the years my family made the costumes better than the ones we bought :)


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