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Recently we took advantage of a great upgrade offer from Verizon to move to a smart phone. I am loving the experience. I didn’t realize how many ways to save and earn money were available on the iphone. Here’s my newest favorite discovery. It’s called Shopkick. Shopkick Shop Scan Earn: You earn ‘kicks’ or points for doing basic tasks while you’re out running errands or shopping.


You sign up for a free account on your iphone. Then when you walk into a store you have 2 ways to get kicks.

  1. Kicks for Scans
    If the store says Kicks for Scans, the app will show you items that need the bar code scanned.  I walked into Walmart and scanned Dove body wash and Bounty paper towels and got 25 kicks for each.
  2. Kicks for Walk-Ins
    If it tells you Kicks for Walk ins, then you simply walk into the specified store and you will get kicks – just for entering the store.

We’re all familiar with traditional reward programs. Shopkick is a shopping rewards program that’s, well, more rewarding. No plastic cards, no confusing rules, no extra steps. You just do what you love doing anyway—walking into your favorite stores like Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Crate&Barrel, Old Navy, Toys”R”Us, Exxon and Mobil convenience stores, and more—and you automatically rack up über-versatile points called “kicks.” No applications to fill out, and no purchase required. That’s right—you just walk in with your smartphone and instantly earn kicks.

You can save your kicks till you have enough to cash out for Gift Cards for places like Starbucks, Best Buy or CVS. I’m really excited about using this.

Bonus Earning Idea

You get matching kicks for anyone who signs up using your referral link in the first 30 days after they sign up (up to 2500 Kicks!) So if you are interested in trying this, please feel free to sign up with my link! Then send your own link to all your friends who love to be out and about in the stores.

Example of Shopkick in action

Yesterday I had to go to Walmart. I opened up shopkick before I left the house. It told me I could get kicks for scanning Bounty Paper towels and Dove Lotion. It took me about 5 minutes extra while I was in the store.

This week when I have to run to the mall, I will be able to walk into Old Navy, Aerie or Macys and get kicks just for visiting the stores. Should be a pretty easy way to earn some gift cards!

You can take a Tour of Shopkick here on their website.

Information about the app from itunes.

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