Tobacco Stick Creations

Tobacco Sticks are often used to stake up tomatoes in the garden. But have you thought about turning them into a creative masterpiece? I have 2 friends that are recycling old broken tobacco sticks and turning them into primitive decorations. They are making stars, shutters, ladders, quilt racks and more. The best part about tobacco stick creations is that the price of the materials is minimal. Here are some great tobacco stick creations to get your creative ideas started.

Tobacco Stick Creations

I see tobacco sticks and wonder what I’m going to do with them till it’s time to plant my tomatoes again. But Kayelynn and Jana see them and come up with ideas to create, decorate and even make some money for their Lil Wranglers Rescue.

Tobacco Stick Creations

Tobacco Stick Creations

Tobacco Stick Creations

You can find Lil Wranglers Rescue on Facebook. If you are local and are looking for some custom prim decorations, contact Kayelynn or Jana. They are doing some really fun tobacco stick creations! You could purchase a custom Christmas present and also help support a local organization who is doing something great in our community at the same time.

Read more about how the Lil Wrangler Rescue is influencing my daughter!

What have you made with tobacco sticks? Got any ideas how you can use something that is broken or common and turn it into a work of art? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Angie Smith says

    I have one of the stars from Lil Wranglers in my hall, they look awesome hanging on the wall. Now I need some of the shutters! I love their primitives. Thinking I will purchase some of Christmas gifts!

  2. says

    This reminds me of the way that pallets started to gain recognition and popularity. Now I can’t drive by a pile of pallets sitting by the road/dumpster without thinking about all the neat pinterest crafts I could try! :)

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