Pet Carrier Options

When I turned 13, I got the best present ever.  I received a miniature poodle named Frisky for my birthday present.  My parents allowed me to take my dog on many vacations and road trips. I had a small purse that was the perfect size for my little dog. That purse allowed him to travel in and out of stores, hotels and even a movie theater once. But now there are some better options made just for carrying your small pets.

Pet Carrier Options

Recently Marshall Pet Products sent me 3 options for traveling with your pet. My kids agreed to help me check out these carriers. We tried to put our pet yorkie in the carriers. That didn’t go so well. Our dog is quite the ‘free spirit’. He is much more interested in walking beside us rather than riding in a carrier.

Marshall Pet Pack-N-Go Small Pet Carrier
Carrying your pet just got easier with the Pack-n-Go. This handy backpack serves two purposes; toting your pet and carrying your pet’s supplies. Main compartment is vented for optimal airflow. Zippered storage compartment holds pet’s food, waste bags, lead and toys.
Dimensions: 9″W x 10″L x 13″H

Designer Tote
Who says you have to sacrifice style for function? Now you can travel with your pet and look great too! Comes in a faux suede fabric and has multiple vents for maximum airflow. Zippered areas and a removable mat make cleaning a snap.
Dimensions: 11.5”w x 10”d x 10”h

Wheelie Tote
Pampered pets deserve the best! This tote on wheels is perfect for getting around town with your pet. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver. Made with nylon fabric that wipes clean. Safety clips is sen right in so pets feel safe and secure. Multiple mesh vents allow for maximum airflow.
Dimensions: 13″w x 11″d x 13″h

Where to Buy

Marshall Pet Products can be found at most pet stores online or in store – such as Petsmart or Petco and many other.

Use their store locator here.

Tips for choosing the right carrier

5 Tips for choosing the right carrier
How to choose the right carrier
How to choose the best Sling Pet Carrier

You can find Marshall Pet Products on Facebook or Twitter.

Marshall Pet Products has solutions for all pet owners! Marshall Pet Products has solutions for ferrets, cats, dogs, horses, birds and small animals. We provide premium nutrition and treats, toys and accessories, as well as gentle products that address pet odors, stains, health and wellness, skin and coat issues and even lawn care. Check out all of our brands; Earth’s Balance, GoodBye Odor, Peters, and Good Mews!

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    I entered to win this giveaway, if I do not win, I will have to buy one. I am one of those people that takes her dog everywhere. She went hiking with us the other day and being that she is only 6lbs when wet, she is 6lbs when wet, she can not make the long hikes. The backpack carrier would be perfect.

  2. says

    This is SO cute! I love that you can “wear” your pet in a backpack! I used an old fashioned (haha) handbag for my shihtzu and this would have been a life saver!

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