Preparing for the Royal Ball #DisneyPrincessWMT

When you think Disney Princesses what do you think of? If your first thought is preschool girls running around dressed in Cinderella or Snow White costumes, you’re probably not alone. But my daughter and her friends are in elementary school and love to dress up as royal princesses and play with Disney characters – they just know how to take it up a notch! Instead of bright yellow wigs or plastic jewel studded shoes, think nail polish, Disney Mania karaoke, royal tea parties and Bead Jewelry. Preparing for the Royal Ball is a fun challenge for these 7 and 8 year olds!

Preparing for the Royal Ball

Disney has released Cinderella as blu-ray, so everyone is buzzing about Disney Princesses. My daughter and her friend are right there in the hype. So we decided to download the new Augmented Reality app and then plan a royal ball of our own!

About the app

My daughter loved going through and picking out just the right outfit, accessories and carriage to get to the royal ball. Then you get to watch the little clip and actually go to the ball. The screen tells you which way to turn, spin and where to look. You can unlock more outfits and choices by using the trigger points in the store. This is going to be perfect the next time she’s entertaining her little cousins.

Preparing for the Royal Ball #DisneyPrincessWMT

Shopping for the Royal Ball

Everyone knows that royalty have very specific needs, taste and entertainment requirements. So it was up to us to plan a ball fitting for all our royal guests. We looked at all the toys. Who knew there would be so many options for Disney Princesses? We picked out sparkly nail polish and found a microphone stand so we could have some royal karaoke with our favorites. (I can just imagine how much fun it’s going to be to set up a stage and have the girls sing and dance to Beauty and the Beast or Mandy Moore’s “When Will My Lfe Begin?”) We looked all over the store and finally decided that we needed some royal beads and jewels so the girls can create their own jewelry, bracelets and necklaces, princess dolls for all the guests and the Tangled Castle for party fun!

Preparing for the Royal Ball

By the time we had been up and down the aisles gathering snacks and drinks, I was ready for some some M&M’s and coffee. But I held myself in check and headed to the check out lane.

Preparing for the Royal Ball #DisneyPrincessWMT

Intersted in seeing all the options we looked at and the supplies we decided we needed to purchase as we get prepared for the Royal Ball? Just click over to my Google+ album.

Now comes the fun part. We get to go home and get all the invitations written and the decorations ready! Sure can’t wait till the party!!! Counting Down!


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      Oh I thought it was a great idea!!! But…. now my daughter has been practicing all week! lol when we add the stage and the royal guests, it’s going to be nuts! :-)

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    Oh I want to come to your party! lol. That looks like so much fun! My daughter is just getting into Disney Princesses. It would be fun to through a Cinderella party for her too.

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      My daughter was having so much fun! Mom – look at this! Let’s try this! What about this too? She can’t even sleep at night because she is so ready for the weekend ‘royal ball!” lol


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