Osage Orange Tree Harrodsburg KY

Less than 15 minutes from my house is this most amazing Osage Tree in Harrodsburg, Ky. This tree is very much alive and definitely one of the most fun climbing trees in our area. Many people who have lived in this part of Kentucky have pictures of themselves and their family climbing this tree.

Osage Orange Tree Harrodsburg,KY

I have lived in Kentucky over 30 years and have visited this tree many times with family. We always end up climbing the tree and taking pictures. There is no fee to picnic, climb or enjoy the tree and the park.

This tree is taller and broader than the National Champion but remains the unofficial National Champion due to the split trunk.

Osage Orange Tree Harrodsburg KY

The tree is located at the Old Ft Harrod State Park in Harrodsburg, KY. You can tour the fort for a small ticket fee. (Directions to the Park)

Fort Harrod holds a special place in Kentucky history as the first permanent settlement in the area that would become the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Founded by James Harrod in 1774, a reconstructed fort occupies land near the original site in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

When you visit

My friend Ann just recently visited Harrodsburg and tells us about her experience at the nearby Shaker Village. You can also take a river boat cruise down the Kentucky River on the Dixie RiverBoat a few miles away.

Osage Orange Tree Harrodsburg KY
Osage Orange Tree Harrodsburg KY

FlipOutMama shares her adventures at Ft Harrod and the Osage Orange Tree in Harrodsburg! This is such a classic place. I love seeing other families enjoy classic KY vacation destinations.

Have you been to this tree in Harrodsburg, KY? I’d love to see pictures of your family climbing this KY landmark!

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    This tree was one of my favorite places ever when I was growing up! We live about 20 minutes from here now, and I hope my boys will be able to make as many great memories here as I did when I was younger! :)

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