3D Phone Case Collections

People will collect anything and everything! The other night I saw some pictures my neice had posted of her latest addition to her phone covers collection. I was so fascinated I went straight to Amazon to see how many crazy phone cases I could find.

Would you believe these are the covers for your phone? How many of you remember a day when no one had cell phones – you didn’t even have cordless phones in your house. If you wanted to talk on the phone with no one around, you had to see how far the cord would reach around the hallway and out of the kitchen. Times sure change fast.

3D Phone Cases

These 3d phone cases are not just for kids. I found cases that look like coffee mugs, purses, even a hand – and that’s not mentioning all the animal and cartoon characters you can imagine. I think I’ll stick with my otterbox for now, but these are pretty cool.

Christmas Idea: Do you have a teen in your life that you need to buy a present for? I’m guessing that these could be pretty cool hit! And the price for most of these is under $10 – including shipping! Now that’s a deal!

The coolest 3D Phone cases:

Thanks for sharing your pictures with us Kinsey!!! You only have 6? Hmmm… Wonder if you need to let that collection grow? Christmas and Birthdays are coming up soon!!!

***Just a note: I have used Amazon links on this post. If you click on the link and make a purchase I will receive a very small percentage of your purchase. Just have to make sure you know! Feel free to use these ideas and then make your purchase at the store of your choice.

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    Those are so cute. Cell phones today are a lot better then when they first came out with the great bag phones, lol. I have a nice collection of cases for mine, my little one loves picking them out each day.

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