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We finally made glow in the dark jars! We’ve tried the glow in the dark paint and the black light, (We even created glow in the dark flowers that were pretty cool!), but never quite achieved the look we were going after. Earlier this week the kids and I picked up 3 packs of glow sticks. You can buy 5 of the braclet sticks for .97 at Walmart. What a deal! We had seen online that some people had tried the glow sticks to make the universe in the jar effect. So we tried it ourselves!

Glow in the Dark Jars

I popped the stick to make it start glowing. Then I took a pair of scissors and cut the bracelet into small pieces. I kept the stick over the mason jar so no liquid dripped out. I screwed on the top and made sure it was tight. Then my daughter got to shake the jar. This allowed the liquid to coat the inside of the jar.

Safety Tip: The packages say non-toxic, but I still used every safety precaution while doing this. I do not offer any kind of medical advice or opinions on whether this is child friendly.

My daughter took a 2nd bracelet and laid it on top of the jar. Now the jar glows and the top is glowing too. She set the jar in her room and had a really cool night light that lasted almost all night.

Glow in the Dark Jars - No Paint!

Glow in the Dark Jars – No Paint!

This jar is glowing on its own from the glow stick – no black light, no paint!

Glow balloons

Since we had the glow sticks on hand, we decided to put a few inside some balloons. These looked really cool and the kids had a ball with them. I could see how much fun this would be on a summer night out in the backyard.

glow in the dark balloons

Anybody else get inspired by the glow in the dark craft ideas that I posted earlier this week? I’d love to see and hear what you’ve done!

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