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With three kids and a dog, we spend a lot of time walking, running, scooter’ing’, racing, or biking around our neighborhood. The minute we reach for our tennis shoes, our little Yorkie goes nuts – spinning around at the door and yapping his excitement. It’s time to go on an adventure! But the one thing that we’ve never tried is a skateboard. Last week I was in Walmart and I saw a large display of skateboards. Ready or not, I decided it was time to start our skateboard adventure and introduce this hobby sport to my kids.

Shaun White Skateboard Shopping

As soon as school got out yesteday, we headed straight to Walmart. I knew we had to buy a 3rd helmet but decided that for our initial introduction this week that we wouldn’t worry about the kneepads. I think I will probably shop around and buy them online because I’m guessing we’ll spend most of our time in the beginning holding hands, helping each other balance and just going back and forth in our driveway.

Shaun White Skateboards Shaun White Skateboards

We were quite surprised at how many skateboards were on the shelves. There was a huge Shaun White display. I knew the name and brand sounded familiar, then I realized that is the name on the Wii and Xbox games for skateboarding! I did a little google searching and found some great resources from the Shaun White Supply Co. There’s even a whole library of Shaun White Youtube videos.

The graphics on the boards were cool, cutting edge, and street worthy. No butterflies, super heroes or cartoon characters here; mostly skulls, bones, skeletons with graffiti type graphics. Since my kids are not into the skulls and skeletons as much, I was glad that the graphics are mostly under the board and the top of the board where they have to focus was a more solid ‘sandpapery’ surface.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a skateboard in a local Walmart. But I was quite impressed with the solid wood design. I thought all skateboards would only have just 2 wheels making them hard for beginners like us to balance. But if you can stand on rollerskates, you can handle this! The board is very sturdy and looks like it would stand alot more than we will be able to give it while we are learning.

There was a wide selection of boards available ranging in price and design, but we chose the Thrash Series since it was under $40. The Thrash Skateboard looked like it was made well and could handle the wear and tear that 3 beginners could put it through.

Our Skateboard Adventure

Our Skateboard Adventure

The minute we got home, the kids grabbed their helmets and shoes while I put the dog on the leash and we headed outdoors to begin the fun. You have to remember that we have never tried a skateboard, so the attempts were quite humerous.

My 10 year old made a great first attempt. He was able to balance and even started to get some forward, smooth momentum. This is a big adjustment from the scooter that has a handle, so it’s a bit intimidating. But his progress was pretty quick.

Our Skateboard Adventure

My 5 year old wanted a hand. So he and I took off with him just getting the feel of riding while I helped him move forward.

Our Skateboard Adventure

My 7 year old was just thrilled to keep her balance.

Our Skateboard Adventure

We had about 30 minutes to check it out for our first attempt, then the rain started. When it starts to rain the first week of October in Kentucky, this mom sends the kids in asap. We don’t want the cough and colds to start yet. But that didn’t stop the kids from checking out the ways to balance. They decided the dog even needed his turn at a ride on the skateboard.

I don’t think we’ll have Etreme Skateboarding magazines or recruiters coming to our doorstep any time soon, but we are all super excited to have one more way to get exercise, fresh air and make memories together as a family.

You can connect with the Shuan White Brand on Twitter and Facebook.

Do you skateboard? Got any great tips for us beginners? We’d love to hear!

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  1. Ann Williams says

    You are a brave woman! I chickened out on buying skate boards, but seeing you and your kids with them makes me rethink about getting them.

  2. says

    This is thee rocking’est post I have read in a while! My son LOVES to skateboard and I had to call him down to let him see this adventure you had. He especially loved seeing your dog on the board. Now he has some ideas about my mom’s dog, which he considers his own! These boards are great in size and stability. I can see what I need to get and put away for Christmas.

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