Glow in the Dark Craft Ideas

Everybody loves to see stuff glow in the dark.  There’s just something really cool about seeing a dark room or yard turn into a canvas where someone has added something unexpected and lit up!  We’ve used glow in the dark paint for crafts, played with glow sticks and gone on house discoveries with a black light.  Here’s some ideas for glow in the dark crafts to keep you and the kids busy this Fall.

Glow in the Dark Craft Ideas

I have got to get to the store today to buy some glowsticks! I can’t wait to make a firefly with the kids this weekend! And of course as soon as I do, you’ll see pictures!


  1. Do it yourself SLIME (paint)
  2. Birdhouse
  3. Flowers
  4. Jars
  5. Dracula (with wood sticks)
  6. Glow Rocks
  7. Cake Stands
Glow in the Dark


  1. Art for Toddlers (blacklight)
  2. Finger Painting for Toddlers (blacklight)


  1. Halloween Ghost
  2. Pop Bottle Firefly
  3. Easter Eggs (Egg Hunt)
  4. Gift Bags (Wrapping Presents)
  5. Glowing Bug (pipecleaners)
  6. Bubbles

Design Dazzle has 10 Amazing Glow Stick Activities and Crafts!  (Cotton candy?!)

Play at Home Mom 3 has some great ideas for using Glowsticks to think outside the box!  (Balloons, Glowing Xylophone, Bubbles, Bathtime)

White Christmas Lights

  1. Ghostly Milk Jugs (could use glowsticks instead?)

Home Decor

  1. Tiles for your Bathtub/Bathroom


Where to Buy

You can buy Glow-In-The-Dark Paint from Amazon or at your local craft store. If you shop at Hobby Lobby, make sure you print your weekly coupon!

Glow Sticks are available online, most big box stores or even the Dollar stores.

Have you done something fun with glow in the dark paint or glowsticks?  I’d love to hear and see your ideas!

About Sharon Williams

Sharon Williams is a mom of 3 who loves to read, travel, take pictures, work in the flowers and spend time with family. When she's not blogging, she's probably out enjoying life so she'll have something fun to blog about tomorrow!


  1. Pamela Eiseman says

    collect some very pretty wine or liquor bottles and fill them with filtered or bottled water, break a bright yellow highlighter in half pull out the ink sleeve, cut it in half, put one into each bottle, reseal bottles, invert a few times then turn on a Blacklight and enjoy, the glow will intensify after a few days of sitting, you probably should wear gloves as it can be messy, LOL!!!


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