Newport Aquarium – More than Fish

This weekend we took a quick road trip and headed north to tour the Newport Aquarium.  It’s been about 3 years since we walked through an aquarium and our youngest son could barely remember what it was like.   

We were amazed by the jelly fish, awed by the sharks, and impressed by the brilliant colors of the fish.

More than Just Fish

The Newport Aquarium is home to more than just fish. You will find the biggest, gator in the country outside of Florida – Mighty Mike, two extremely rare Shark Rays – Sweet Pea and Scooter – the stars of the only Shark Ray breeding program in the US, sharks, rays, penguins, fish, reptiles, amphibians and more.

Newport Aquarium

Dive Shows

Step into our theater for your first and biggest view of our sharks — and the divers who care for them. Thursdays through Sundays, our Underwater Dive Shows allow you to hear our divers talk about the animals all around them and what you can do to protect their natural environments. Divers even answer your questions.

Newport Aquarium

This was one of my daughter’s favorite parts. We were able to sit right at the edge of the tank and watch the sharks, Denver the sea turtle, the 2 sharkrays and the other fish swim right past. There were divers in the tank interacting with the fish and wildlife and telling us information about each of them. My daughter said this looked like the kind of job she could love doing! What a great way to learn about the fish while she saw a career possibility! You can tell the divers loved what they were doing!

Features at the Aquarium

The tunnels that let you walk through the fish tanks are always a hit. This gives you an inside view of how it might feel to live under the water.

Newport Aquarium

Special Offers and Discounts

Before you go, make sure you check for discounts and special days! You can save money through local Kroger stores, showing military id or AARP as well as other options as well.

Have you visited the Newport Aquarium lately? I’d love to hear your favorte parts! You can tell we sure had a great time!

We received tickets for the purpose of this review. All opinions and images are my own. I was not required to give a positive review.

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