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It’s the middle of September.  That means that many people are already starting to create Christmas ornaments. Our Christmas tree is like many of yours:  a mix of store bought ornaments and special ornaments made my family members throug the years.  I have an aunt that has made the entire family amazing homemade Christmas ornaments every year for as long as  I can remember.  She has used saltdough, toilet paper, glass balls, wood, beads, pom poms, foam – basically every medium I can imagine.

I started out to make an ultimate list of homemade Christmas ornaments, but soon realized that this is a huge topic. 

Picture used with permission from LDS Mom to Many

25 Homemade Christmas Ornaments


  1. Baby’s First Sock
  2. Seashells and Sand
  3. Walnut Ornament
  4. Seed Bead Balls
  5. Peppermint Candy Wreaths
  6. Salt Dough Doggie Paws
  7. No Sew Fabric Balls
  8. Old Tshirt Soft Balls
  9. Button Hearts
  10. Button Wreaths
  11. Button Bells
  12. Button Snowflakes
  13. Glass Ornaments with Snow Filler
  14. Clothespin Christmas Skier
  15. Beaded Stars
  16. Vintage Flash bulbs
  17. Pipe Cleaner Trees
  18. Reindeer Lightbulbs
  19. Seashell Angels
  20. Foam Elf with Candy
  21. T Shirt Pom Poms
  22. Pom Pom Canes and Wreaths
  23. Photo Blocks
  24. Tree Circles / Dangling Snowman, Mice with Kisses more
  25. Wax Pinecone

Special Hobbies on a Budget Opportunity:  I am looking for 1 or 2 crafters who are planning to make Christmas ornaments.  I want to feature you!  So if you are fixing to start your Christmas ornament project – let me know!  You may be the next featured hobbyist on Hobbies on a Budget!

Disclaimer and notice: I considered listing pictures of these ornament ideas. But I don’t want to take anything away from the bloggers and crafters who have made these great ornaments. There’s some great craft ideas here! Thanks hobbyist from around the globe for sharing your ideas!

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