Chess for Beginners Review

My kids love to play games. Sometimes they have the rules down pat and know exactly what to do, but other times they pull games out of our game closet and end up making up their own rules and figuring it out on their own.

A few months ago, my then 9 year old son started expressing an interest in playing chess. Since my Dad taught me when I was a kid, I was able to get my son started. I watched with interest as my 9 year old son started teaching his 5 year old brother all about the pieces on the chess board and realized there was probably some resources available to help them learn how to play what some have called “the most world’s most popular board game”.

I contacted the people of Chess House who immediatley came through with some great resources.

Chess for Children
This book teaches the basics of chess, how the pieces move and some basic strategies. There are ‘terribly hard tests’ after each concept is taught. My kids loved the tests. They were very easy by the time they had read through the pages and watched the DVDs. There are funny illustrations scattered throughout the book with little jokes or ‘funnies’ that my kids loved. The book is told by a boy named George and his pet alligator Kirsty, a self proclaimed Grand Alligator of Chess.

Vinyl Roll-Up Chess Board
They sent us this vinyl roll-up chess board with the letters and numbers on the board. This was a great added bonus for my family. My kids love the Harry Potter book series where “Wizard” Chess is a popular game. Several times the main character, Ron, directs the chess pieces to move to a specific spot on the board (Knight to H3). Thanks to this board and the DVD series, my kids now understand that each square on the chess board has a designated number and letter.

Chess Pieces
I love these pieces so much more than the plastic pieces I’ve seen in many kids sets. The pieces are heavy so they don’t fall over easily – not hollow like many sets I’ve seen. These are perfect for my kids to use.

Elliott’s Chess School on DVD #1-4
A chess player needs a solid foundation in order to quickly advance through the ranks of chess playing. This video series is designed to lay this solid foundation, building the basics of playing a great chess. The material taught in this series has been developed and taught by National Master Elliott Neff for over 17 years, producing multiple state and national individual and team chess champions.

Ideal for both kids and adults, you will enjoy the clear, accurate, presentation. Most viewers watch each DVD at least several times. Elliott is easy to understand and experienced, and the material is efficiently presented and packed with tips and valuable concepts.

I loved the way Elliott sits there and very clearly explains each concept. All three of my kids were clearly able to absorb the concepts and understand what was being taught. I even found myself watching and learning.

I received materials for the purpose of this review. .

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  1. Kayelynn says

    Ive forgotten how to play Id love to brush up and be able to blow the socks off my hubby……..cHECK MATE……..LOL

  2. Lynne says

    Two things I found interesting about their site – they have no restocking fees, and they have a blog attached to it! Thanks for spotlighting them!


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