Mom Connection Book Review

I just finished reading Mom Connection: Creating Vibrant Relationships in the Midst of Motherhood by Tracey Bianchi. This is one of those books that I have just loved reading.

About the Book
Hey, Mom–so when was the last time you had an uninterrupted conversation? Parenting young children is an all-consuming task that can make you feel disconnected and, honestly, a bit fragmented. But having kids shouldn’t mean you rarely get to complete a conversation with a friend! If you’ve ever sat back exasperated and thought, “There has got to be a better way to do this mothering thing,” then let this conversation with Tracey on friendship, connection, and the rhythms of our lives begin to shape your heart.

About the Author
Tracey Bianchi is an over-caffeinated, thirty-something living in a suburb near Chicago. She’s a sought after communicator and has contributed to a variety of publications and organizations from Sojourners to MOPS International, from The Washington Post to her first book via Zondervan. She has three children, a rockstar husband, and had a goldfish named Stinky Pete that recently met his fate by jumping ship and landing on the kitchen floor.

You can read more from Tracey on her blog.

My opinion:
There are so many places in this book that I just stuck a sticky note, laughed out loud, even found myself almost picking up my phone to text Tracey to tell her that I completely, 100% agreed with what I had just read.

All though the book, Tracey encourages us Moms to find the one thing that keeps us sane and give it attention. Being a Mom is the best job I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t trade my 3 children for anything in the world and I treasure each of the long nights, the loss of sleep and the disjointed movies, book reading times or the fact that it takes twice as long to do my daily activities. But in less than 20 years, I will have (hopefully) done my job so well that my kids no longer need me the same way. True, I will always be Mom, but I will not always be on call 24/7. When that time comes, I don’t want to wake up and have no friends, husband/best friend or hobbies/interests. If I take a 20 year break from being the person God created me to be, I will have lost more than I can ever replace.

This book is a definite ‘must read’ for every Mom who is in the middle of being the 24/7 Mom and doesn’t think she has time to have friends or connections.

You can order Mom Connection: Creating Vibrant Relationships in the Midst of Motherhood from Amazon or request it at your local library.

I received this book for the purpose of the review from Baker Publishing Group.

About Sharon Williams

Sharon Williams is a mom of 3 who loves to read, travel, take pictures, work in the flowers and spend time with family. When she's not blogging, she's probably out enjoying life so she'll have something fun to blog about tomorrow!


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    Sounds good. I actually miss the days when when my time was not my own. My kids are mostly grown, great wonderful people…but I’d give my eye teeth for sticky kisses and kid messes and no time to shave my legs.


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