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I’ve been fascinated with glow in the dark jars for several weeks. So I decided to try my own glow in the dark approach – painting flowers with glow in the dark paint. I contacted Holcraft: Painters Source, who were really excited about seeing how their glow in the dark paint could turn common items into something spectacular.


Glow in the Dark Flowers

We decided to try the paint on artificial flowers. I purchased 3.00 of artificial roses and carnations and started experimenting.


We tried dipping the flowers in the paint. We even used a toothbrush to paint on some of the petals.


The kids mixed and painted and made a grand mess.


To take the pictures, we turned off the flash, turned on a small black light and laid the flowers on a dark blanket. We experimented with several settings and finally got several pictures we really liked.

glow in the dark flower 4
glow in the dark flower 1
glow in the dark flower 2

What do you think? Have you tried using glow in the dark paint for some special effects? I’d love to see what you have created!

You can order Glow in the dark paint from Amazon or buy it at your local craft store.

I received sample paints for the purpose of this review.

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