Crafts & Fun for all Levels

This original page was a guest post with pictures from another site and was removed due to copyright issues. If you are interested in information about crayon crafts, glow in the dark jars, universe in a bottle, or other ideas for how to pursue your hobbies, please feel free to browse Hobbies on a Budget!

Crafts & Fun for all Levels

Being a crafty person just comes easily to some people; but not to me. Sure, I can do some pretty cool Valentines boxes for the kids, and I can whip up a pretty mean Chocolate chip cookie pie, but when it comes to amazing creations, sometimes I’m a little challenged. That’s where Hobbies on a Budget comes in.

There are crafts and hobbies for all levels! If you are ready to tackle something that requires quite a bit of skill and makes a big mess, I’ve got something for you.

If you are a definite novice when it comes to crafts, you’re covered too. I’ve got ideas that are guaranteed to be a success even if you’ve never used a glue gun.

So stick around! Explore! Let’s figure out how to make some amazing memories with our families. Let’s explore our world and do some cool stuff together!

3 Ideas to get you started

glow-in-dark-flowers zucchini-boats go-bag-be-prepared

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Sharon Williams is a mom of 3 who loves to read, travel, take pictures, work in the flowers and spend time with family. When she's not blogging, she's probably out enjoying life so she'll have something fun to blog about tomorrow!


  1. Chelsea says

    I have always been doing that with foam! I have made cars for Groovey Girls. It is so fun to get random shapes and turn them into some cool toy by coloring and drawing with markers. It gets all over your hands when you first color, but not when it dries. Foam cars will slide on tile if you tape a smooth piece of “paper” (that came with the foam and shipment)on the bottom.

  2. Tina says

    we are doing the northern lights theme for a banquet in which 108 tables will be decorated. I am going to be using glow in the dark paint of assorted colors on hurricane vases. I was going to use a brush to paint a ribbon type effect and use an LED tea light candle to pop the color on a glass mirror. I was looking ways into being cost effective and was thinking about making my own glow in the dark paint? have you guys tried that before?? or have any ideas of what type of paint I should use, Because we reuse the vases it cannot be permanent.

  3. Vicky says

    Tried the glow in the dark jars. Bought glow in the dark paint at craft store dotted the INSIDE of jar with the paint as I wanted to put lids on jar and leave outside in sun for night time. Did not work no glow after sitting in sun all day. So aree the dots suppose to be on the outside of the jar ?? Any help appreciated

  4. Khahling says

    it would be easy to paint the inside or a jar if you use a paper clip and a pencil erase. Undo it and stick it into an eraser. Then you can dip the eraser into the paint, You can bend and then re-bend the paperclip in another direction to get it throughout the jar. And then you can use another size eraser (or shape one) for different sized “stars”. That way you don’t really have to wait for the paint to dry before handling the jar.

  5. Angie Mason says

    DId this with my 1st graders. We used a water bottle instead of a mason jar. It was harder to shake the brush, but worked ok. They still said that I was a genius! You woulda thought we made diamonds! Thanks for this idea!

  6. Jessica says

    SJZ – I wonder if you could roll the cheap glass decorative marbles from HL? I wasn’t sure if you meant actual marbles, in that case I’d have to search high and low. Thinking of ways to hang these jars on shepherd’s hooks in the backyard.

  7. Nanette says

    As an old tole painter, we learned to make dots by using the opposite end of an art-brush. If you used different size art brushes, your dots would vary, accordingly. At least the dots would not smear as easily as using the brush-ends…

  8. Rebecca says

    Exposing the glow in the dark paint to light should make it glow fairly consistently during the night. My son has glow in the dark stickers on his wall. If all else fails, you now have a use for that blacklight you bought during high school. 😉

  9. Lizzy says

    How long does the glow-in-the-dark paint last? Can you hold it up to the light then make it glow a great number of times or does the effect wear off quickly?

    • hobbiesonabudget says

      Hmmm…. I don’t actually know since I’ve never made this craft. I’m in the process of finding some of the paint so I can try this myself and then of course I’ll post the results! :-) Thanks so much for stopping by!

  10. Madge says

    Question about the glow in the dark mason jars (sorry, lame questions I know). 1) do you paint the inside or the outside? 2) once you paint them, what kind of dots do you add and how? Inside or outside? Would love to try this, they’re beautiful!

    • Kay says

      You dab the glow in the dark paint on with you paint brush to make the dots. That’s what gives it the “stars” effect. Painting the outside would be best I think, otherwise you have to find a paint brush with an extremely short handle and you’ll end up with paint all over the back of your hand.

    • SJZ says

      I believe you would paint dots on the outside with the glow-in-the-dark paint. Using the end of a new eraser dipped in the paint would make fairly consisitant dots, or you could just use the tip of a round paint brush.

      Be sure to expose the painted jar to light in order for it to glow.

      (I was thinking of rolling marbles in a small container of the paint, let them dry, then put them in the jar.)


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