Glitter Pinecone Craft Ideas

A few months ago I inherited a box full of pinecones. They’ve been sitting in my garage waiting for just the right moment when I needed a craft idea for my kids. So last week, I started asking friends and looking at easy pinecone craft ideas. I gathered so much information, ideas and tips for crafting with pinecones that I’m breaking them down into 3 articles! Be watching for more info on pinecone crafts!

This first idea for making Glitter Pinecones comes from my blog-friend Carolyn who shares her thoughts, crafts and ideas at Conversations with Carolyn! Thanks Carolyn!

Glitter Pinecone Craft Ideas

Paper plates
different glitter colors in the jar or plastic they come in
white elmer’s glue
waxed paper
pine cones

Dab small amts of white glue on tips of pinecones.
Hold pinecones over paper plates (one plate for each color) and sprinkle the glitter over the ends, turning the pine cones as you glitter them.
Shake off excess on the paper plate for that color.
Set on waxed paper to dry.
Go to each pinecone and do this.
You can either cover the whole pinecone in ONE color, or when it is is dry… come back and start the process again with the glue and then a DIFFERENT color glitter for the other tips.

TIP: BE sure to read the directions all the way through so you’re not putting the glue on every tip BEFORE you’ve decided what method you want to do.

Display: Display them in a clear glass bowl or any kind of bowl that you have. You can also put branches of pine underneath them for more fragrance!

BROWN bag and RIBBON method!

Gather Needed Supplies: Clean well shaped pine cones, loose glitter, brown bags, spray adhesive, and ribbon.

Directions: Spray your pinecone with the adhesive and then drop into a bag that you’ve sprinkled glitter into. Shake well and remove. After deciding where to position your ribbon add more adhesive to that area (regular glue works well for this also) and making a loop with the ribbon lay ends on the glue and hold briefly. If cone still feels tacky allow to dry before handling.

Tell me that isn’t EASY and INEXPENSIVE?

No glitter in your craft box? No worries! Just wait 3 days and find another totally different idea for making your pinecones into a fun family memory!

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