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One of our goals this summer was to visit an Art Museum with our family. We want to make sure and expose our kids to quality pieces of art. So we visited the Speed Art Museum in Louisville. We were amazed at the variety of art on exhibit at the Speed Art Museum. We were able to see Roman pottery, African art, Renaissance paintings, African American artifacts, contemporary pieces and more. There were exhibits dating back to 3,000 BC and as current as the last few years.

Whether you are already an art lover or a total novice, there are pieces and exhibits that can appeal to you. The Speed Art Museum is an elaborate museum with an extensive collection.

Art Sparks for Kids
The highlight of our visit was the kids area downstairs. We saved this area for last. Downstairs the kids can interact with the art exhibits. They can cook in the kitchen, build an architectural marvel, raise the sail on the ship, create your own art in the light exhibit room, do etchings and more.

(The interactive exhibits in the Art Sparks area are modeled after real life paintings and exhibits on dispaly in the museum. The ship is inspired by the Dutch painting, “A Frigate and Other Vessels on a Rough Sea” by Ludolf Backhuysen.)

Tickets are $10 for Adults and $5 for Children.

Enjoy FREE admission to the Museum’s permanent collection and the award winning Art Sparks Interactive Family gallery on the First Friday of the month from 5 to 9.


Other Art Museums:

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Here are some ways to engage the whole family when you visit:

Ask each other what you see. Talk about colors, materials or subject matter.

What does the artwork remind you of?

Play “seek and find”. On one of the still life paintings, we were amazed at how many insects, butterflies, ants and other hidden objects the kids were able to find.

Let the youngest members lead the way. When they find something that catches their attention, take a minute and focus.

Ask questions. ….and don’t be afraid of the answers. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to art.

When is the last time you visited an Art Museum? What was your favorite piece? I’d love to hear!

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