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If you have video game lovers in your family, you know how expensive new games can be. But there are ways to play video games without breaking your budget.

#1 Tip: Be patient! When a new game is released, that is the most expensive time to buy. We never buy a game at the release date. If you can wait a few months to play the newest game, you will save alot of money. You will also have time to read the reviews from the people who did buy it and be able to see if it is a game worth playing.

Check out GameFly Gamefly works just like Netflix. You join for about $8.00 a month. Gamefly will send you one game at a time. You play as long as you want it. Then mail it back (postage paid by Gamefly). They will send you another game you can try out.

Sell an old game system or games When we wanted to get a Wii for the family, we sold our old Playstation system with controllers and a few games on Ebay. Then we used that money to go toward the Wii. A few years later, we sold our Wii and turned that money into an Xbox. Some people choose to keep a collection of game systems on their shelf. But if you are willing to sell the older system, you will be able to greatly reduce the price of the new system.

Sell your old games We have sold games on Amazon, Ebay, at used book and game stores (McKays), Game Stop etc. At game stores, you will get more value if you trade them for another game rather than sell for cash.

Trade with friends You may be able to find a friend who is willing to swap a game with you. Let’s face it, video games get old after a while. But you may not want to sell the game in case you want to play it later. So loan it to a friend and borrow a game for a little while. Both people get to play a new game and it doesn’t cost a thing for either. (Just make sure you work out the details of the loan.)

Buy used on Amazon Example: I just did a quick search. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is $41.88 new on Amazon, but only about $16.00 used. True, it’s not the latest edition, but it is less than half of the cost. Remember you can use Swagbucks to get free money to spend on Amazon!

Are you a gamer? What are some other ways you save money on video games? I’d love to hear!

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